When a Guardian Angel Appears In Your Dreams

The most documented method of guardian angels communicating with their people is through dreams. Religious writings, including the Bible, and myth are full of accounts of guardian angel communication using the medium of dreams. There are certain signs that identify the being you are speaking with (or listening to) in your dream as your guardian angel.

First, your guardian angel will always take the form of someone for whom you have the highest respect, and throughout the communication you will feel surrounded by love, even if you are suffering extreme anguish.

The second indication is that your guardian angel will speak to you with great kindness. The voice will be clear and the message one of simple wisdom that will show you how to extricate yourself from the problem or sadness that you are experiencing.

Whenever you want to seek specific advice from your guardian angel on a matter that is important to you, decide to have a meeting with your guardian angel while you sleep. Some people will be successful right away, while others may need to practice conscious dreaming for a while before they remember a meeting.

If you have difficulty remembering your dreams, try keeping a journal or notebook beside your bed, and as soon as you wake up, record any fragments you can remember.

Before you go to sleep, clear your mind of all your everyday concerns and think only of seeing your guardian angel. Lie comfortably in your bed and imagine that you are being led by a white light to a beautiful space. Say the following words:

This is my moment, my time of great joy/ My time of dreaming which naught shall annoy/ Guardian angel stay close by my side/ Be my companion, my staff, and my guide.

When A Guardian Angel Speaks To You Through Your Intuition

Everyone has intuition, but it is very difficult these days to hear it, let alone trust it, when our technological world is telling us that there is no such thing or that what we think of as intuition is really just our imaginations working overtime. In early times, and in the world of nature, intuition could mean the difference between life and death. For us, listening to our intuition will mean the difference between a life lived on the surface and one that is multidimensional. Before you can trust your intuition and hear your angel speaking to you, you will need to be able to distinguish your intuition from your fears or desires. When your intuition is at work, or when your angel is speaking to you through it, you are conscious of receiving some information that you know to be true. There is a sense of peace about this knowledge.

It feels like something that originated outside yourself. The information may cause you distress or great joy, but there is a sense of quiet behind whatever other emotions you experience as a result of the message in fact, your response to your intuition is similar to your response when you learn something important, something which you know to be true, from another individual.

If your certainty about an issue is a result of your own hopes and fears, rather than your angel’s advice, there may be a sense of desperation behind your joyfulness. Such a feeling of disquiet will never accompany an angel encounter. You need to learn to “hear” this underlying feeling so that you can tell whether the message you have received comes from your angel or yourself.

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