What Are Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides?

The choice of names of a spirit guide or guardian angels is personal. Some believe that the spirit beings who watch over us are angels, and prefer to call their own spirit guide a “guardian angel.” For hundreds of years it was thought by many people that the use of a Ouija board was the simplest and fastest way to communicate with their spirit guides. However, the entities you contact through these means, regardless of their claims, are never your deceased relative or your guardian angel or spirit guide; they are disembodied entities from the nether regions of the spirit world, and no matter how accurate they sometimes appear to be, they can be malicious and ultimately dangerous.

Communication with your guardian angel will not come about if your pursuit of psychic development is for the wrong reasons or you don’t treat it with respect. If you want to develop a mutual understanding with your guardian angel, you will need to commit to the process of serious psychic development Your guardian angel looks after your well-being, so pay it the respect it deserves by frequently thinking of it with love and thanking it whenever it assists you.

If you allow your communication skills to become more finely tuned, you will discover that there are many instances when your guardian angel intervenes on your behalf to bring about a favorable outcome regarding romantic, business, or health issues. We tend to keep our guardian angels very much on their spiritual toes with our petty grievances.

The Role of a Guardian Angel

The main role of your guardian angel is to assist you in your spiritual development and to protect you from danger, if that is appropriate, or at least warn you of it, but you need to listen to those warnings. They usually come in the form of a strong intuitive feeling. People occasionally report that their survival of a near-fatal accident was accompanied by a glimpse of their guardian angel.

Guardian angels are highly evolved spirits who understand that as long as you are living on a material planet, you need to learn material values as well as spiritual values. They are here to help you balance the material with the spiritual. They respect the fact that you have free will and will make important decisions and choices yourself, and though they may tug at your conscience when you flirt with danger, they understand that you must learn through experience.

Guardian angels have no desire to intrude upon your privacy It is not the role of guardian angels to judge your lifestyle, nor is it their job to decide your beliefs. The more you respect your guardian angel, the more it will help you.

Your guardian angel will enlist the help of other specialist angels or “devas” (the Indian word for angels that is now commonly used in the West) when necessary These angels were created as angels; many guardian angels were once human beings. The angels or devas specialize in healing or in helping people or plants grow. There is an angel for everything you do that might require help. Guardian angels ask the specialist angels to help them in their tasks.

The term “guardian angel” may conjure up visual impressions of ethereal beings, but if and when you ever see yours, you may be surprised to discover how ordinary it looks. The important thing is to believe and trust in the work guardian angels do on your behalf. And remember, they are not simply invisible welfare workers.

What is an Angel?

While there is a popular notion of angels sitting on clouds and playing harps with beatific expressions, angels are in fact workers, just like humans. Their mission is to guide all living beings toward the “light” of which they are a part.

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