Ways To Get Your Ex-Back In 3 Days

Psychics and clairvoyants are asked many times about dating and relationships when people call or email them for a psychic reading. Astrologers, Tarot readers and Palm readers find themselves answering similar questions about a persons love life and relationships, and horoscopes and star signs focus strongly on aspects such as which star sign best suits your own, as well as the good and bad points of your Zodiac sign. You will find the information below very insightful and useful about concerns that you may have in these area’s.

Sometimes it happens that a relationship ends even if there is still love between partners. This happens when one of the partners makes some regular mistakes and has a bad behavior towards the other. More often than not people figure out too late how much they care about their partner and they want to change only after losing them.

There is nothing worse than being dumped by the one you love and believed was “the one”. Trying to get a man back in to your life can be difficult. If you lost your true love because of you and really want to get him back, don’t despair. Your situation is not necessarily hopeless. At some point in life, we all lose something that we really wish we held on to – in this case, you lost your love and you need to get your ex back.

Before contacting your ex, ask yourself two main questions. First, do you truly harbor feelings for him, or are you possibly just bored or sick of being single? Don’t go there unless you’re positive you’re still into him. Second, was your past relationship with him healthy? It’s much easier to recall all the great things about a guy than to bring to mind the bad stuff, like how you fought all the time or how unmotivated he was. Make an honest assessment of your past bond to avoid falling back into a negative situation.

If your answer to both questions was yes, go ahead and reach out. Start off super-casual to take the temperature of things. Say something like, “It was so nice to see your name on Facebook! How are you?” His response will reveal a lot. If his reply is short and to the point, as in Hope your’e O.K., that’s not a good sign. If he’s friendly, such as exclamation points or a smiley face, and asks you questions about yourself, that’s a green light to take things a step further.

Also figure out whether he’s single. If he doesn’t list his relationship status online, check out his Facebook photos to see whether the same girl reappears in various cozy poses with him. Or you can subtly feel him out by asking, in a Facebook message or e-mail, about old friends you both had, and then go into a conversation about his personal life in general.

Suggest a short, low-key meet-up, like going out for coffee. It’s neutral, so you’re not putting yourself on the line too much if the romantic interest isn’t there on his part. Or, propose revisiting one of your old haunts, like the bar where you used to meet after work, or your favorite restaurant from back in the day. Being in that familiar environment will trigger memories of the past.

If you can get a date with him, be positive, laugh and smile. Make him feel good. Subtly touch him when he’s talking. You must raise the level of attraction between the two of you, if he still loves you; you know that he has a weakness towards you.

During your meeting, casually reminisce about funny, romantic, or exciting times you had together, like a fantastic trip you took or how you first met. It’ll conjure up the feelings you had then. And find a way to subtly make physical contact, like letting your knees touch his under the table. Notice if he pulls away or relaxes into you.

Wait, don’t carried away quite yet! Remind yourself of why things didn’t work out the first time around and look for clues to whether things would be any different now. If you broke up because he partied too hard, for instance, notice how much he drinks or how he talks about his nightlife. It would suck to get back together only to discover that the same problems are still haunting you. So take it slow and trust your intuition.

Be yourself, show him that you don’t play games and your intentions are very serious. In this way, a little luck and your personal charm you can get your boyfriend back faster than you think.

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When getting a psychic reading through one of our clairvoyants or psychic mediums, an open mind & belief in the unexplained is a must. Our readers also help you to understand that a true psychic, can help towards your chosen path but not force your fate one way or another. You are always the master of your own destiny and you must choose yourself your own path along the sometimes fickle journey of life. Advice & foresight obviously can help steer you one way or another but decisions must always remain within the heart & the soul of you, the seeker. Religion is not necessary but a belief in the soul living on. A soul is far too alive to ever cease to be. Our psychics and mediums can help you to find your Soul Purpose or Soul Mate. It could well be the person you are enquiring about. Ultimately there is a message to seek & a message to convey, in some form or another. Giving readings to clients is an absolute necessity. It is our psychic readers destiny to help those who seek guidance & advice. Our clairvoyants feel with absolute conviction that their purpose in this world is to enhance the lives and souls of others through psychic or Tarot readings. By offering true insight, prediction, therapeutic advice & accuracy, all conveyed through the heart, Australian psychic readings can give your the spiritual experience and help, to guide you along the path to personal happiness and abundance.

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