The Mind, Soul, Body and Conscience

It is quite possible that the soul, the body and the conscience are expressions of the mind. This, at least, is what our ancestors believed. But what did they mean by that? We live in a world that worships the body, where physical beauty is the undisputed point of reference, where naked bodies, female for the most, are displayed on the walls of our big cities, exhibited in the millions of magazines published every week and on every cinema and television screen, according to well-defined criteria, or, to coin a modern phrase, as canons of beauty.

In this world, well-being, equilibrium and mutual attraction are viewed primarily as physical phenomena, the pantheon of gods has been replaced by that of stars and top models and physical appearance has overtaken human values, mental activities and feelings, and one is inclined to think of the soul, whose existence has so far eluded us, as a part of our life, a vital element of our being, just like any other, that can be fed, looked after, cultivated, caressed or Sheet 49 pampered, as you would a body.

As a result, the world is divided into two categories: those who believe in the existence of the soul and those who don’t or don’t care at all. Our purpose is not to judge who is right or who is wrong, but rather to try and understand not only how our ancestors conceived the soul but also how we conceive it today. Finally, we thought that it might be interesting to explore the connection that has always existed in people’s minds, between the soul and the conscience.

The Soul and The Mind

Without entering into detail – which we have done previously on several occasions – it is possible to observe that there is a constant factor, central to practically all the great world religions according to which human being are made up of a mind, a soul and a body.

Indeed, not only is it impossible to imagine a body without a soul, but the factor exists because or for the soul, depending on the religion. Equally, the body and the soul, inseparable as they are, would not exist without the mind.

However the way this topic is presented often gives us the impression that the mind is considered as being both at the origin of the manifestation of the soul in the body and also as being the result of the union and the transformation of the soul and the body, namely a sublimation or intensification of our conscience.

On the other hand, when referring to life after death or reincarnation, we talk about an eternal soul. And as soon as there seems to be an anomaly in the process of the survival of the soul -depending on the relevance of the beliefs, of course we refer either to the spirit of the dead resisting the earth or to a lost soul. In other words, everything leads us to believe that over the course of time, a degree of confusion has entered the minds of our ancestors concerning the very notions of soul conscience and mind.

How could this have come about? What did our ancestors mean when-they and mind? We shall attempt to answer the second question by trying to consider and see the world through the eyes and mind of our distant ancestors. In so doing, we shall suggest a reply to the first question.

The Connections Between The Soul, Body and Conscience

Let us imagine, as our ancestors seemed to believe- and by drawing our inspiration from another reality with a different dimension, or simply from a view of the world that is beyond us because of our modern-day perspective, – that there really is a world above and a world below. Supposing still that, as it is recorded in most of the cosmogonic myths the world over, at the onset, these two worlds were but one and that they were separated albeit remaining as two essential components of all that exists.

Supposing finally that, despite this let us imagine, as our ancestors seemed to believe – and by drawing our inspiration from another reality with a different dimension, or even simply from the principle of cell structure where we know that the more a cell divides the more it multiplies, these two worlds, being in reality; but one, are not lost to each other. Now, to illustrate this argument and all these suppositions that are mainly inspired from ancient recurring myths, let us imagine the following diagram: on a blank page: let us draw a circle at the top and another at the bottom, sharing the same axis.

Let us now trace two parallel dotted lines linking the upper to the lower circle. Within the frame of the strip that we have just drawn in dotted lines to signify its invisibility, let us draw two spiral, intertwined lines linking the upper to the lower circle, running along the above mentioned strip.

Finally, let us trace a large dotted circle, starting from the top of the upper circle circle, thereby encompassing the whole of the diagram. Once again, we are using dotted lines, to insist on the invisible aspect of this circle. To better understand the meaning of this diagram, let us write ‘up above’ on the right of the upper circle and ‘down below’ on the right of the lower circle.

Let us then inscribe the word ‘soul’ on the left of the upper circle and the word ‘body’ on the left of the lower circle. To continue with our diagram, we shall inscribe the word ‘mind’ firstly at the cardinal points on the outside of the large circle and secondly vertically within the strip that links up the upper and lower circles.

To “complete the diagram, we shall write the word,’conscience’ horizontally so that the words mind’ and ‘conscience’ form the shape of across. Finally, if we want to understand how our ancestors made the connection between heaven and soul and earth and body, we can inscribe the words ‘heaven’ in the upper circle and ‘earth’ in the lower circle. The representation of the human being and of the universe. As a result, when we observe this diagram, we realize that it is the mind that connects the soul to the body’, the mind which is at the centre of this diagram but also all around it.

It follows that the mind can manifest itself in the soul as well as in the body and is present both in heaven and earth. The mind is omnipresent. Yet, it can be veiled by either the soul, the body, heaven and earth or the conscience. In which case it can be concealed or even trapped by them. On this occasion we shall see how the mind can be buried under what we call the unconscious and how me awakening of the conscience, triggered by the process of self-analysis, can re-activate the conscious mind.

Finally, in an attempt to answer the second question raised earlier, everything leads us to believe that our ancestors made no difference between their own being and the world around them. This diagram, therefore, can be regarded as a representation of the human being and of the universe.

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