The Divinatory Tarot and Predictions

We all want to know about our future. But what are we looking for in our future, what is it that drives us to discover our future? An anxiety, a feeling of unease, a major problem which needs to be solved, a disappointment which affects us morally or emotionally, a failure or anything which does not go as planned in our life.

We need to escape from our predicament and we want our situation to improve. Then, we are like a sick, ailing person who only has two wishes: first, when the suffering is unbearable, to be relieved from it, then to heal and do away with sickness, to become well again and recover happiness.

The Quest For Happiness

You can have fun defining this word according to your own criteria, and ask your family, friends and the people you know, to do the same. Ask them to give their own definition of happiness, perhaps in five very short sentences., and compare the results.

Among all the possibilities that have been put forward ask each person what is keeping him or her from fulfilling their desires and motivations, their plans and cravings, or quite simply from finding happiness such as they have defined it.

You will see that for most of them happiness is within reach, much more in fact than we would think, and that on the whole, until we really think about it and ask ourselves to define or lay down the conditions to our happiness, we appear to be searching for an idea of happiness which resembles much more an escape from the fear of suffering, from emptiness and from death, than it does an overwhelming quest for happiness.

Because generally for each of us, happiness, or what we think of as such, is to do with quantity. When we are not completely filled with it, or when we think we are lacking in it, we feel unwell. But, by continually searching for an idea of happiness such as we imagine it to be, we often forget to be happy, that is to say to be ourselves.

Forecast and Get to Know Yourself With The Tarot

In this respect, proper use of the divinatory Tarot may help you to tune in with yourself, because by carrying out a spread we are giving ourselves the means to foresee the future, to anticipate the future events, circumstances or opportunities that could be revealed to us.

Such revelations may in fact lead us to reassess ourselves, to modify our attitudes, our options, our choices, our intentions. In other words, all that is shown to us in a spread, all the information, interpretations and thought-inducing elements, are neither fixed nor definite, if we do nothing about them, and let time take its course.

On the other hand, if we do act upon this information, if we draw lessons from the information that is revealed to us by all the tarot cards in our spread, then we can use the predictions we are making to act and react in a preventive way.

We can achieve this by modifying our own behaviour, then by learning to differentiate our responsibility from that of others and the elements on which we have no control, or which do not concern us. If you endeavour to use this method when consulting the divinatory Tarot, we guarantee that you will be heading for a happiness and success.

It will be a happiness borne out of discovering your near future, of understanding the subtle or complicated mechanisms that are at work inside you.

This happiness can be compared to a light bursting forth from darkness. When you devote yourself fully to the task of finding your inner light, and the divinatory Tarot can of course help you to do this, its intensity becomes brighter and brighter, and you are then able to enlighten others.

There is nothing extraordinary about it. In fact, we would call it a perfectly natural phenomenon: all that is bright gives out light, So, enlighten yourself, and enlighten others around you!

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