The Afterlife & Psychic Communication

Belief in the afterlife and near death experience’s often come from people who have lost a loved one, either prematurely or in dramatic circumstances, and find themselves experiencing the ability to cross over to contact and communicate with their loved one. This connection is a form of psychic communication, more commonly referred to as spiritualism.

This form of psychic communication with departed spirits is also called Trans communication. Based on the ancient idea of the hereafter being the realm of the dead, the soul, and the afterlife, divided between the world of heaven and hell. The principles of spiritualism often imply that it is possible to communicate with any form of spirit, from this world or another.

Originating from the belief that inside the universe and in the absolute, the mind is superior to matter and is therefore immortal, Spiritualists see that it is possible to put yourself in the right frame of mind and communicate with the spirits, as you are not connecting with another world, but with another side of life, in the same sense that a psychic can communicate to you, the different paths that your life may take over time in this life.

Crossing to the other side

Many are uncertain about the existence of the afterlife. It is even harder to believe in it today, because the world is much more materialistic, and we find ourselves prevented from forming a close relationship with the forces of nature and the elements of life on Earth. Our ancestors, who were much closer to these elements, had a vision of the hereafter, much more imaginary by today’s standards, but also much simpler, more natural and realistic.

To the ancients, it was normal for the dead to manifest themselves in different forms and at important times to warn or reassure us, and this was made possible as there were doors, or passages, between the world of the living and the world of the dead, between the visible and invisible, which could be passed through at any time, sometimes without even knowing or fully realising.

It was better to honour the dead, so they could live in peace, and eventually, be able to intercede on our behalf. To look after the dead, was to look after yourself. By living a good and honest life, you would ensure that you would have a peaceful life in the hereafter. The hereafter was seen like a mountain with two sides, one lit up and the other in darkness. Not another world, but another side of life.

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