Tarot and Astrology

What Astrology and the Tarot have in common, is the use of the language of symbols. Astrology, the science of the stars and the tarot as a means of divination, both result from a mythical and poetic interpretation of the world. Some of today’s astrologers, are keen to explore all astrological principles with modern scientific criteria. They choose to go with the predominantly rational materialistic and profitable whims of our technological civilisation. And so, they make scientific astrology, their speciality. By doing so, of course, they decided quite arbitrarily, to exclude from their knowledge, their investigations and their work, any esoteric references. In addition, in order to prove that astrology was and is, a reliable and workable system, they subjected to the principle of statistics.

Astrology and Science

To approach astrology from a scientific angle in order to measure, analyze and verify its principals, is not a bad thing in itself. What is regrettable is to try and force it into a system of thought which can only have a restrictive effect upon it.

As far as we’re concerned, we think that in this life, the world and reality cannot be explained by Analysis and simple theory. It would be the same as is referring to everything in mechanical terms just because our society is so influenced by the car. If it was used in a serious context, it would be insulting and damaging for the individual to be compared to a car.

If this was the case we would no longer be in the world of logic and reason that in an area which psychologists call inflation. By extension can be said that people who, nowadays, do not appreciate the real value of calculating probabilities and using statistics as useful tools but secretly believe that we can control nature and find the truth of all things, are suffering from mental inflation.

When against too much credence, inflation always implies the sterilization of the mind, because, in such a situation, one finds oneself both sterile and stupid and this is on the whole the case of the modern natural sciences. Of course, I would not go as fast as saying that we all like it.

There are many scientists with whom one can discuss these facts, and who are fully aware that, through statistics in the calculation of probabilities, we are only re-building an abstract in very limited model of nature-which means that we can only have a partial knowledge of it; and that there are an infinite number of secrets that we have not yet perceived, and on into number of other possible ways of exploring reality.

Astrology tarot and the cabbala

What divination and science have in common, is that they are both the result of an aspiration to control nature and find the truth of all things. By consulting oracles and anticipating the future, the soothsayer raises himself to the level of the divine.

The practical exploration of science also has a magical character. It is a dominant notion in the great foundation principles stated in the cabbala.

The 22 figures of the alphabet in the cabbala, which could be described as magical, also numbers and vibrations. By uniting, harmonizing or transforming together, these numbers which cannot be added up subtracted, multiplied or divided we generate an infinite quantity of shapes, possibilities, structures, appearances, phenomena manifestations, expression and lives.

Here again, we find ourselves in a world of mutations and transformations, which is the same as the world of the Chinese like Ching. It is as if the very principle of mutation was one of the great basis of life on earth, as perceived by our ancestors whatever their culture.

Be that as it may, the 22 major arcana of the tarot were added on to the ancient game of divination by the alchemist and cabbalists who are being tracked down by the Inquisition. They did this in order to safeguard their secret code, which were long time had only been transmitted orally.

In common with astrology, the 22 major arcana showed associations of the 22 numbers-letters of the Hebrew alphabet of the cabballa indeed, the 12 signs of the zodiac and the 10 ruling planets are also associated with these 22 number letters. The connection between the tarot and astrology is therefore easy to make. Each major Arcana of the tarot is related to one of the 12 signs of the zodiac or one of the 10 heavenly bodies, since they share an association with one of the number letters of the cabballa alphabet. Thus, it could almost be said that the 22 major Arcana of the tarot, a game of divination of an astrological nature.

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