Magic Rituals

The process of magic is not carried out without rules or laws. The magician has to follow these to the letter. Although many books of magic circulated in Europe during the Middle Ages, many have now disappeared, and those remaining do not always give us any precise idea about the secret initiation which the magician underwent or, on the other hand, the rituals, which he followed in order to produce his magical acts.


Magic conceals numerous beliefs and ancient customs, because originally, the very strict rituals which magicians underwent to fulfil their magical rituals, invoke the great forces of nature and use them for either saving or destructive purposes, were based on solid convictions, moral codes and customary acts of a sacred nature. Very early on, our ancestors had a great respect for the benefits which the great Mother Nature brought them, particularly as they knew how ferocious she could also be.


So, the simple act of picking a fruit, and especially of finding such a fruit again in the same spot at the same time each year had, for them, a sacred character and so was tinged with magic. All these acts, put man in contact with nature, his natural environment, his cradle and his tomb, were very quickly associated with, and then integrated with rituals.


For our ancestors, magic was first and foremost in nature, which showered them with infinite blessings, terrestrial and celestial phenomena on the one hand, and human circumstances on the other, our ancestors believed that some of their rituals could be the cause of these phenomena and coincidences, which, therefore, took on a magical character.


Our ancestors discovered that they could influence natural phenomena, so fire tending and the planting of grain or seeds for example, were originally magic rituals in that they were also man’s first steps towards modern science, which itself, still has its own rituals and dogmas.


In Ancient Times, the magician, who was initiated into the magical arts and sciences, could amaze and impress people, just as today, the man of science seems to be able to do miracles by using procedures which result from long research and from serious studies. These procedures allow him to achieve, the same results.


The Special Conditions of Magic Ceremonies

It is very difficult to describe the forces upon which magic calls. You can call them cosmic energies, waves or natural vibrations, which are either created or used according to universal and fixed rules and laws which the magician has subjected himself and which he applies to the letter according to age-old experimentation and tradition. Usually, what we define here as cosmic energies used to have distinct names, which were those of deities, each one of which played a role and had a specific power.


Consequently, the magical act was sacred. It involved carrying out an entire ceremony, performing certain acts, sometimes dances and particular appropriate movements and also pronouncing incantations and invocations, the names, words and sentences of which had a value, in terms of vibration rather than of actual significance. All ritual dances, and dance itself, had a magical connotation and that they were frequently carried out during magic rituals. As a result these magic rituals, the power of magic could imprison or set people free from a situation or problem.


In other words, for the magical act to be able to operate in an efficient manner, it was essential that a certain number of factors were scrupulously brought together. If a stage was forgotten, if an element was left out, if a word or a name was pronounced badly, or if the moment was chosen badly, the magical operation could not succeed. Religious rites, both ancient and modern, are based on the same criteria, which indicates that religious beliefs have drawn their inspiration from magic ceremonies.



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