How To Recognize Your Guardian Angel

Guardian angels rarely make their presence known through ghostly apparitions. They can be quite creative and even comical in finding ways to get your attention. They may use a distinct signal as their calling card. For instance, if you always hear a buzzing sound in your ears or in your head just before you receive a premonition, you will soon identify that sound with your guardian angel.

Other common signals are: a churning feeling in your stomach, the hairs standing up on the back of your neck, a sudden gust of wind brushing against your face when there is no breeze, and objects not being in their usual place and then turning up safely in the least likely place.

Though very few people see apparitions, those who can should recognize the difference between their guardian angel and a haunting spirit. A chilled atmosphere accompanies haunting entities or poltergeists, and you will feel frightened. A cool breeze will arrive with your guardian angel, and your guardian angel instills peace and comfort, even as it is trying to attract your attention.

Occasionally your guardian angel might try to attract your attention by doing things that could frighten you. For example, it might knock the telephone receiver off the hook a couple of times or change the TV channel or even turn the TV on and off. These funny little incidents happen only when you have forgotten to do something important, and unlike similar incidents caused by poltergeists, they will stop as soon as you have remembered what you were supposed to do or where you were supposed to be at the time.

The loving energy emitted by guardian angels is palpable to those who are open to receiving it and is one of the most powerful signs of their existence in our lives, creating a feeling of protection in times of fear or danger and a calming reassurance in times of self-doubt.

Building a Relationship With your Guardian Angel

Once you have accepted the fact that you have a guardian angel, the next important step is to find a way to communicate with it so that you can build a happy and satisfactory relationship. This friendship deserves the same respect and appreciation as any other kind of relationship.

Good relationships prosper with good communication skills and are nourished by the quality time invested in them. You must ask yourself how much energy you are willing to contribute to this relationship. Naturally, it takes more time and effort to build up a relationship with someone who lives in a far-off land and speaks a different language. It is not easy to overcome these barriers, but anyone who has tried can tell you that it is worth it.

Acknowledgment, trust, respect, and loyalty are the words that should guide you in your quest to achieve a compatible and lasting bond with your guardian angel. It is essential that you understand the importance of these qualities when you set out to achieve what is, in effect, priceless.

Begin each day with a simple greeting as an acknowledgment of your guardian angel’s presence. If you feel inclined, wear an angel pendant or pin as a statement of your belief and faith in guardian angels. Also, pledge your trust each day by chanting a short silent affirmation. For example:

Guardian angel, in whom I trust, guide my actions today.

As a sign of respect, spend two or three minutes at the end of each day meditating on the emotional security you have because of the loving relationship between you and your guardian angel. Pledge your loyalty to this union by lighting two white candles while you chant an affirmation such as:

Guardian angel, I acknowledge your presence in my life and I trust the guidance you offer me.

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