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You always need the best & most accurate psychics to read for YOU. Our psychic readers have been carefully selected the ensure that your psychic email reading meets your needs. Our readers use a variety of skills from mediumship, clairvoyance, tarot readings, numerology and astrology to provide you with answers to your questions with accuracy, truthful insights, honesty and compassion. They are here to guide you and answer questions about YOUR life.

So How Does It Work?

By attuning with your 2 questions and the vibrations and insights from spirit guides, our readers provide deeply intuitive psychic email readings that are equally as effective as any consultation you would receive by phone, chat or in person. Email psychic readings offer a cheap and convenient way to get a psychic reading which makes them very popular. If you find it difficult or inconvenient to talk to a psychic and prefer to read rather than talk, a psychic email reading will give you accurate and insightful guidance. Another major reason why many use psychic email readings is cost, the in-depth email reading can often give more information than several lengthy phone calls.

These psychic readings are really helpful and insightful, I wasn't able to put things in perspective about a guy that I had met, but the email reading from Melanie was objective, and really shone light on the situation, grounded and reasurred me heaps. I wouldn't be surprised if what she predicted does happen and I see him again.
Liz, Perth


Up To 3,000 Words Or More In Each Reading

Our psychics offer a unique and unrivalled psychic email service that you are to sure to return to over and over again. Maybe there's someone else on the horizon for you after a recent disappointment? Or you need advice on another matter? Our psychics are always listening, always caring, always helping you to make a decision, and always confidential. You may not have the time or be shy about talking to a psychic over the phone, or you may prefer to read the answers or express yourself better in the written word than talking about matters that concern or worry you. Over the phone you have to try to remember what was said to you, but this is not a problem with email readings, the answers are there in front of you in black and white, to be read and referred back to, as many times as you feel is necessary.


All This For One Low Price of $49

Our psychics can guide you to enlightenment of your heart and soul, and provide you with exciting insights into your love, romance and relationships, always using the most gifted and authentic psychic readers to answer your 2 questions. The arrival of the Internet has changed the way psychics do their readings today. Psychics are easy to find on the internet, and unlike in the past when readings in person was the only option available to you, today you can easily find a psychic reader on the Internet, and you can get a reading over the phone by chat, or email. With a psychic email reading, you can ask the psychic questions when you are ready and you may also read the answers when you are ready as well.

If you order right now, you can get it for the truly bargain low price of just $49.

And even though I'm offering such a low price, I still want you to be absolutely 100% certain that it will really work for you. Here is another satisfied customer:

Your email readings are excellent full of insight and practical information-and the reading was accurate - my partner came back to me! Thanks again!

Mardie, Melbourne

Why we are one of the most trusted psychic networks.....

  • We get many thank you's from new and returning customers, the ones on this page are some of many. 
  • Our psychics have over 14 years of experience and are verified psychic readers, helping and advising people through psychic email readings
  • You have access to honest customer testamonials,
    positive feedback online and authentic psychic readers to answer your questions.

  • In other have everything to gain and nothing to lose from our confidential advice and guidance!

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I am so glad that I ordered a reading from you, it was very helpful to be able to read through the reading several times and take in all the guidance that it offered-I was looking for clarity about my ex and why our relationship ended, and I found it in this reading. I will definitely order from you again !

Natalie,  Brisbane