Contacting the Angelic Realm

It is very common for guardian angels to communicate with you through your intuition, or reach you through dreams or send messages through your subconscious. Angel voices are always positive and loving, never harsh or frightening. Angel voices are not the voices of madness or delusion. To communicate well with your guardian angel, you need to use a set of exercises both simple and sincere, to ensure a continuous flow of communication between yourself and the angelic realm.

By using simple and at the same time powerful affirmations to show your desire and interest in working and communicating with your guardian angel and the angelic realm, then you can be guided and learn from angelic guidance when you most need it-at times of confusion or uncertainty in your life. Affirmations will also strongly show your guardian angel that you appreciate and understand the guidance and insights that your guardian angel is providing for you through the angel realm.

By putting your creative energies into creating positive affirmations, and saying them at the same times throughout the day, you are encouraging insight as well as guidance and success from your guardian angel. These affirmations will show your respect and acceptance of the help and guidance that your guardian angel is giving to you. By showing the importance of the role that your guardian angel is providing you with in your daily life, and the value of the angelic realm in your development and self empowerment, then you are only strengthening your communication and relationship with your guardian angels and your understanding of the angelic realm.

When you light two white candles as you say your affirmations, the white light given out by these candles represents the light of protection that will flow between you and your guardian angel. Playing relaxing music as well as pouring five drops of essential oil in an oil burner, you can then breath in and out slowly for a few moments as you start to relax more. Once you resume breathing normally, you can start to meditate to connect with your guardian angel. When this is done then you can say this affirmation four times:

I am listening and accepting of the divine advice that will come through to me from my angelic messenger. I understand and connect with the love and compassion that these messages will convey. I understand that these messages will come without negativity or malice or any other form of unsettling energies. I am thanking you for being there to watch over me and to guide and protect.

It can sometimes be confusing when you connect with a loved one who has passed over, instead of connecting with your guardian angel. It is not common to see your angel or for them to reveal themselves to you, but it is much more salmon to see your loved ones in dreams, or sensing them around you just before wakening from sleep. Loved ones that have passed over, will often try to contact you in this way to let you know that they are now happy and no longer suffering in any way.

This inner peace is that your loved one who passed over now feels, can be so strong that it provides you as the grieving person with the same level of comfort that is provided by the guidance and protection of your guardian angel.

In this way, you can see that your loved one having passed over, has now become an new guardian angel to help and protect you from harm. Your own guardian angels will understand this and will help you to understand the true nature of your encounters with them whenever you are connecting to, and communicating with, the angelic realm.

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